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A unique collaborative story-telling environment unlike any other on the Internet. Vistors can pen the beginning of a brand new yarn, or add to one already created in true "choose-your-own-adventure" spirit. Creative Code was responsible for the original concept and design, oversaw final design and development work, and helped with the site launch. Among other things, the site features sophisticated chapter locking, user registration and confirmation, community-driven moderation, and author reputation systems. Sample 1   Sample 2

The Daily Jolt Network

Founder of Creative Code, Amit Gupta, created The Daily Jolt in 1999. Since then, it has become a leader in its demographic, serving over 1 million pages a day to students at 100 college campuses. The database-driven site dynamically serves thousands of pieces of information submitted by users and created by students.

Creative Code was responsible for most aspects of The Daily Jolt's design, from the web site, to promotional materials, to t-shirts, to stationery. Creative Code also helped to develop architecture to serve the massive number of site requests the Jolt fields on a daily basis, and designed and assisted in the development of a sophisticated content-mangement system called "Power Plant" to allow each school's administrator to view traffic and user data, make changes to any aspect of his or her site, and to communicate with other students running sites. Sample 1   Sample 2   Sample 3

Natavi Guides

Creative Code helped this innovative publisher create a company web site to showcase its catalog of college and high school guides. The site features information on each book, discussion boards, ways for readers to get involved, dynamic reader comments and many ways to buy.

In addition to a playful design and navigation theme, Creative Code created a custom content-management system to allow Natavi Guides to upload new images, create new pages, and change any portion of their site from any web browser. Finally, a custom online ad serving system was developed to suit Natavi Guides' needs. Sample

Kid Sampson

Formed in 1996, Kid Sampson "represents a race against time for its members to play original rock n' roll before they are robbed of their will to live." Drawing influences from sources as diverse as "Elvis Costello, R.E.M., Dr. Seuss, the Kinks, Brad Pitt and Janet Jackson," Kid Sampson has opened for bands such as Fountains of Wayne and played all over the Northeast. Sample

Duke Ellington Symposium

Creative Code created a website for this widely-attended jazz symposium. The event brought together musicians, experts, writers, and enthusiasts from far and wide for three days of lectures and performances. The website carried an up-to-date listing of symposium events, participants, and directions and reservation information. Sample

Ellen Keel, Classical Music Planner

After years of experience in professional music, including time at the Metropolitan Opera and Glimmerglass Opera, Ellen decided to venture in a new direction. Using her talent and extensive contacts, she offered to orchestrate live classical music for weddings. Creative Code provided the design for her new venture. Sample

SuperGen Pharmaceutical (SUPG)

Creative Code redesigned the internal investor relations web site for this anti-cancer pharmaceutical company. The site featured a bright new design, redesigned logo, and easy-to-update recent news section.


Steven Poovey and Andrew Sutton created Quarter-Line while in college. After many performances in the L.A. area, they attracted the attention of leading entertainment insiders, including Glen Ballard, producer of Alanis Morissette's hit album. Creative Code developed all of the band's album artwork and their web site, including a section for sample downloads and a performance calendar.   Sample

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